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Putumayo: Latin Lounge

Bowl and Board carries an assortment of Putumayo: World Music albums, with titles such as “Gypsy Groove” and “Salsa Around the World.” These selections are guaranteed to brighten anyone’s mood, even those summer-lovers who are bummed at the single-digit forecast for this weekend.

Here is a fun video for Putumayo’s “Latin Lounge” that gives you a taste of the music and some cool animation to boot.

This video is so quirky and wonderful it makes me wish Putumayo would put out an entire line of videos. I especially like the mariachi band inside the submarine. Everything might be covered in a foot of snow outside, but pop in one of these CDs and you’ve got insta-heat, insta-Latin-heat. Pour yourself a pina colada and see how hard it is to keep from dancing…


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