Listen for us on All Things Considered!

Bowl & Board would like to thank everyone for their support and well-wishes after following the series of stories about our store on All Things Considered. Late last year, NPR chose Bowl & Board to be the focus of a series dedicated to following a family-owned, independent business through the economic downturn. Since then Tovia Smith has prepared five stories, the latest of which was broadcast just a few days ago.

You can read or listen to each of the five stories HERE, or by searching for Bowl & Board on the NPR website.

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All Kitchen Carts Reduced Through May 31st!

If you are in the market for a new kitchen cart, island, or butcher block, make sure you take advantage of Bowl & Board’s 20% sale, extending through May 31st.

Any order of John Boos, Bally Block, or Catskill island will be reduced by 20% off list price. To view a selection of the carts to see which best fits your needs, click HERE, or stop by the store to see full catalogues.

Don’t miss out!

John Boost Cucina Technica Cart

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Featured Product: EcoTwine Bowls

Because I am always on the lookout for home items that are beautiful AND functional, these brightly-colored bowls (my favorite is the deep hunter green) made from recycled materials caught my eye immediately. They are very sturdy– the plastic “twine” is woven around a steel wire frame. These bowls would be perfect to hold any number of objects (fruit, sewing supplies, etc.), or can stand alone as a interest piece on shelf or mantle. However, considering their history, I think these bowls beg to be used and not just looked at. Read about how they are made:




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Breathing Places

Okay, okay. So Christmas is over and singing bee larvae is admittedly a little scary. But ever since I saw this video of singing animals from the BBC’s Breathing Places, I just can’t get it out of my head. I’m sure you’ll want to find out more about the nature-friendly organization HERE after watching this video:

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Putumayo: Latin Lounge

Bowl and Board carries an assortment of Putumayo: World Music albums, with titles such as “Gypsy Groove” and “Salsa Around the World.” These selections are guaranteed to brighten anyone’s mood, even those summer-lovers who are bummed at the single-digit forecast for this weekend.

Here is a fun video for Putumayo’s “Latin Lounge” that gives you a taste of the music and some cool animation to boot.

This video is so quirky and wonderful it makes me wish Putumayo would put out an entire line of videos. I especially like the mariachi band inside the submarine. Everything might be covered in a foot of snow outside, but pop in one of these CDs and you’ve got insta-heat, insta-Latin-heat. Pour yourself a pina colada and see how hard it is to keep from dancing…

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Five Items For Your Kitchen You May Not Even Realize You Need

While the gloomy economic climate has many homes (rightly) bucking against excess, this should not leave you sawing open a can with a paring knife or rolling out dough with an empty wine bottle. A well-equipped kitchen encourages us to bust out those delicious home meals, and anyone with a wallet knows eating in saves cash.

Still, it is all too easy to accumulate a drawerful of never-used gadgets bought in fits of culinary ambition: a homemade-pickle slicer? Really?

So what WILL you use, that won’t break the bank? Consider these suggestions, pulled straight off the Bowl and Board shelves:

1. CHOPSTICKS— Is your idea of the perfect Wednesday night picking up a box of chow mein on your way home to watch Top Chef in your pajamas? Why not save resources by skipping out on the dry, flimsy to-go sticks and investing in a durable set of bamboo beauties, for only $2 a pair? Those who like to stir-fry will also enjoy the sleekly-designed black silicon cooking chopsticks with stainless steel core, $11 a set. These are durable enough for everyday use, but elegant enough to use as serving utensils when hungry guests arrive seeking noodles.

2. ONION GOGGLES— Does chopping onions make you cry harder than the end of The Notebook? You’re not alone. And now there’s help. This line of multi-colored, unisex, super-AWESOME goggles have anti-fog lenses and are foam-sealed to protect your peepers from those pungent, tear-inducing fumes. Available in green, pink, black, and white, they also make good goggles for bikers and excellent gifts for friends. $22/pair.

3. MENU MINDER— A quick and easy way to organize the collection of take-out menus crowding your refrigerator door. This plastic folder adorned with vintage-themed restaurant covers will ensure you know just what toppings are offered at the corner place the next time you call for pizza. Spinach? Feta? Italian sausage? You betcha! $5

4. TEA DRIP CATCHER— So useful, so cheerful, so cheap. Disguised as a slice of lemon, this drip catcher slips over the spout of your teapot to ensure mess-free pouring. No drips on the table or cloth! $3 each.

5. PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY SPREADERS— Parents, there are two reasons why you will love this item as much as your kids will. First, because it tricks them into making their own lunches. Second, because you will not have to worry about them injuring themselves while preparing said lunches. This spreader has two silicone ends– a tan one for peanut butter and a purple one for jelly, which reduces mixing in the jars! Or course it can also be used for spreading other condiments, plus you can wash it in the dishwasher, which is more than can be said for your kids’ sandwich-smeared faces.

These products and more are sold at Bowl & Board, just waiting to lighten your kitchen workload but not your pockets. Check them out in-store or online.

Twist Chopsticks from Totally Bamboo!

Twist Chopsticks from Totally Bamboo!

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Welcome to the Bowl & Board Blog!

Because there is so much happening at our store that we would like to share with you, we have created this blog to keep customers and friends up-to-date on what is new in the Bowl & Board world. We plan also to highlight special items we are currently selling and let you know the history behind their manufacture. When you shop at Bowl & Board, you are not only purchasing an object for your home– you are contributing to a community in a very positive way. Thank you for visiting, and please come back soon!


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